df8dx_with_hp-rca_antenna hp-rca_KV-antenn

Bodo DF8DX är QRV från Nigeria som 5N7Q med en av världens största roterbara kortvågsantenner. Antennen har en förstärkning på 20 dBi på 40 - 10 meter.

Han meddelar följande: "I am in Nigeria for maintenance of broadcasting station in Abuja. I will be QRV during 3 - 15 october 2011. I am using one of the largest fully rotatable short wave antennas in the world. My antenna gain is over 20 dBi on all bands from 10 m - 40 m. Call me if you copy me. I have not more than 100 W. I will be QRV in CW and SSB this time. Here some more information about the antenna at our website: http://www.thomson-broadcast.com/products/antennas-masts/short-wave-directional-and-non-directional-antenna-systems/hp-rca-rotatable "