thumb_qrolle_team.jpgHär kan du läsa en statusrapport från den 26 september om den senaste utvecklingen inom QROlle. Rapporten är skriven av SM0JZT och tagen från QROlle nyhetsgruppen på Yahoo. 

Hi there QROllers

The QROlle designerteam has being working hard with the project as you can all emagine.

Numerous new versions of software updates have being done by our Software-viz Nils SM5DEH.

We have mainly being working on tweaking to the implementation of the CW bug softwareimplementation. We now have a full working implementation of IAMBIC A and B. To this we also have a "normal" bug implementation with dit-prio.
The straight key is now also handled via the CPU interface. Reason for this is that the CPU now handles a variable CW hangtime rather then a solution with 2 levels of hangtime. The straight key is also connected to the same connector on the back as the bug-manipulator.

When working with the hang-time we found a nasty missfeature where RF in the rig was drawn into the CPU-card causing interrups bringing the CPU software to hang. Nils is working hard with a redesign. We are confident that we get this issue sorted in a very short time.

Olle has being working quite a lot with tweaks to the analoge design to cover for some missfeatures occuring when running CW.

We have got quite a lot of very valuable feedback from the very skilled CW-operators SM7CBS Tore, SM5COB Rune and SM7MCD Leif. With the feedback we have being given we are now more then confident that the QROlle will be a very competent rig for CW operators.

Last but not least, as you all know our main point for information at this point is our homepage
Here you now can see a recently taken picture from a radio-event in the south of Sweden, where the QROlle-prototype was pushed hard by the CW-operators. The feedback was great from the meeting.

73 de Tilman SM0JZT (on behalf of QROlle-team)

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